Regardless of the origin, the mechanics for most of the available sorceries are similar. Each sorcery is available is available in four levels, Weak-Blooded, Half-Blooded, Strong-Blooded, and Full-Blooded. Each sorcery also has five Knacks.

A character with Sorcery starts with their Sorcery Skill at Rank 2. Each kind of sorcery has its own Skill which is developed separately. Improving the Rank of a character's Sorcery requires strong enough Sorcerous Blood for the Rank desired (or the payment of Prestige Points to surpass the character's Sorcerous Blood limitation). The cost to improve a Sorcery Skill is 8 CP (24 XP), regardless of the Rank.

Weak-Blooded (8 CP): A Weak-Blooded sorcerer is limited to a maximum Sorcery Rank of 2 (which is what he starts with). For certain sorceries, it is possible for a Weak-Blooded sorcerer to be Aspected, rather than simply Weak-Blooded. This takes the form of talent in a particular aspect of the sorcery (one of the Knacks), but limits the other sorcerous ability that the sorcerer can use. See the individual sorcery rules for details.

Half-Blooded (16 CP): A Half-Blooded sorcerer is limited to a maximum Sorcery Rank of 3.

Strong-Blooded (24 CP): A Strong-Blooded sorcerer is limited to a maximum Sorcery Rank of 4.

Full-Blooded (32 CP): A Full-Blooded sorcerer is limited to a maximum Sorcery Rank of 5.

A character can be "Twice-Blooded" in two different sorceries. A Twice-Blooded character can purchase two separate sorceries. These sorceries may only be purchased at the Weak-Blooded or Half-Blooded level. A Twice-Blooded sorcerer may not have Strong-Blooded or Full-Blooded strength in either sorcery.

Certain sorceries have different game effects depending on whether the sorcerer is an Apprentice, Adept, or Master of the sorcery. A character becomes an Adept when his Sorcery Rank reaches 4. The character becomes a Master when his Sorcery Rank reaches 5 or higher.

Sorcerous Knacks may be improved through Prestige Ranks. For instance, a Half-Blooded Porte sorcerer could increase his Sorcery(Porte) Skill to Rank 4 by spending Prestige Points. This may allow the character to become an Adept or Master in a sorcery despite inadequate "natural" strength in the sorcery.