Skills represent a broad base of training, which could conceivably be broken up into a number of individual Knacks, but are treated as a single Skill for the purpose of simplicity. A Skill should be considered to cover any action that a professional practicioner of the Skill could reasonably be expected to know.

The cost to purchase Skills is as according to the following chart:
RankSkill Cost

The initial cost of certain Skills are reduced for characters of certain nationalities. This reduces the initial cost from 6 CP(18 XP) to 4 CP(12 XP).

Skills may normally only be increased to a maximum Rank of 5. There are two main ways to increase skills beyond these limitations, Specialization and Prestige. Specialization is covered under Advantages. Prestige is covered in more detail under "Reputation".

Skills are grouped into three major classifications, Civil Skills, Martial Skills, and Everyman Skills. Everyman Skills are skills that everybody knows a little bit of for free. Martial Skills cover the main attack and defense skills used in combat, while Civil Skills cover other endeavors (although certain aspects of Civil Skills do assist in combat).

Everyman Skills are possessed by all characters at Rank 2 for free. They may be further improved as normal.

Each Skill is listed with a sampling of stock 7th Sea Knacks which the Skill might be used for. This should not be treated as an exhaustive list: any action that the GM thinks is reasonably within the range of the Skill should get the benefit of the Skill.

Unskilled Actions

A character may still attempt something that he has no Skills for at all, unless the GM specifically forbids him from making the attempt. The character gets treated as if he has Rank 1 in the Skill, so he rolls only a single die. This is unlikely to succeed by itself, but Drama Dice may be spent on the roll as normal.

Civil Skills

Martial Skills

Everyman Skills