Glamour is the power of legends, granted to the Avalons by the Sidhe. Glamour has the following areas of specialty, all of which the sorcerer has at his Sorcery(Glamour) Skill Rank, unless he has purchased a Specialty in one or more of the Knacks.

There are no special abilities associated with achieving Adept or Master level in Glamour, apart from the abilities granted by each Knack. The title of Adept or Master has only role-playing significance for Glamour.

As a personal note, I got the Knacks' "Cymric" names from an online Welsh translation dictionary, which generally had several different Welsh words for any given English word. I may have chosen the wrong ones. Anybody who actually knows Welsh should feel free to correct me.

Invoking Glamour

Invoking Glamour does not cost an Action by itself, although actually using the Glamour ability once invoked generally does require an Action. The sorcerer spends a Drama Die (or just marks the invocation against his Cyfoeth limit for the day), and the effect occurs.


The following Legends are available for Glamour sorcerers to acquire. Each ability is listed with a Cred Rank, which is the minimum level of Cred required to activate the ability.

Refer to the base book or the Avalon sourcebook for the flavor descriptions of the Legends. I'm too lazy to type them, and I don't want to intrude on AEG's copyright.

These are sample abilities. If a character wishes to invoke a particular effect which is in line with the Legend, the GM should assign a Cred Rank based on circumstances. The GM has final say as to whether a certain effect fits into the Legend or not.

Characters with a Cred Rank of 6 or more (possible with Grandmaster Training and/or Prestige Ranks) may achieve even more powerful abilities. These could be either extrapolations of the existing abilities, or new ones, depending on the GM's whim.