Sebastian Leveque d'Aur v'Riasanova

Sebastian's mother is a high-ranking boyar in Gallenia, who spent a lot of time abroad as a diplomat and merchant, dealing in the Cathayan trade goods which come through Gallenia. She married a Montaigne nobleman from the Gaulle family. He was not gifted with Porte, so he was (up until the invasion) accepted at court.

While Sebastian was growing up, he spent his summers in Gallenia and his winters in Montaigne, and the intervening seasons travelling all over Theah. He learned hunting and the uses of Pyeryem in Ussura, and trained in fencing ang other courtly graces in Montaigne.

The invasion changed all this. Suddenly, his parents lost favor at court, and they both moved to Montaigne to stay with his father's family.

And then the Revolution came. At least this signalled the end of the war, so his family was able to retreat to Ussura and resume their positions there, albeit with a significant loss of prestige.

And that's when Sebastian's most pressing problem arrived. He noticed his hands beginning to darken in color. Not dark enough to notice except under close examination in good light, but definitely darker than the rest of his skin. Apparently, Sebastian managed to inherit a trace of Porte sorcery from his father's side of the family. Sebastian kept this secret for a season, but when attending the Knias Douma the following summer, Sebastian could just feel Koschei's eyes boring into him. Somehow, Koschei knew his secret!

That very night, Sebastian fled Pavtlow, and escaped to Eisen, where he happened to rescue Cardinal Durkheim from assassins in Freiburg, and fell in with some new friends...

Brawn: 3

Hubris (Misfortunate)
Membership (Swordsman's Guild)
Ussuran R/W
Montaigne R/W
Weak-blooded Porte
Half-blooded Pyeryem

Sorcery(Porte): 2
Sorcery(Pyeryem): 4*
Fencing: 7*
Knife: 7*
Courtier: 5
Hunter: 5
Dirty Fighting: 5
Athlete: 5
Repartee: 6
Tradesman (Duelist): 2

Valroux School: 6*

9 XP unspent, 1 Prestige point "in the hole" from rules changes
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