Merletta Donetti

Merletta Donetti is from the Lucani Family. She is a cousin to the late Alberto Lucani. Like the rest of the Fate Witches in her family, she is unable to use her Sorte to help the Lucani family directly, due to the powerful Lucani Curse. Alberto Lucani owed Donello Falisci a favor, and arranged for Donello to choose Merletta's husband. Donello chose Angelo Donetti, to reward Angelo for several years of faithful service.

She has been married to Angelo Donetti for two years, long enough for her good manners to add a little polish to her husband's lower-class upbringing.

Veronica, her lady's maid, is one of Angelo's nieces. Veronica took the place of Merletta's last maid, who died of a fever last year.

Her porter Rinaldo is a long-time servant of her family. He's not very bright, but is extremely loyal, and is handy when having to move things. Including bodies.

Brawn: 2
Finesse: 2
Wits: 3
Resolve: 3
Panache: 3

Specialty (Fashion +1)
Servant: Flora (Lady's Maid, TR 1 Brute)
Servant: Rinaldo (Porter, TR 1 Brute)
Full-Blooded Sorte

Sorcery(Sorte): 5
Courtier: 5
Servant: 4
Merchant: 3
Athlete: 3
Repartee: 5
Tradesman(Seamstress): 4

0 XP unspent, 0 Prestige Points unspent

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