Maximilian Kopfraum

Maximilian (Max) Kopfraum is Wandering Gunter's very first Tyro. He was an urchin in Freiburg before being accepted into the R&C. He gained his acceptance when a Wandering Knight who was patrolling a bad neighborhood in Verzweiflung encountered a number of children who were screaming and running in panic. Several of the children were wounded. They had encountered a pack of kobolds while searching for something to eat. Max was the oldest of the children there, and bravely distracted the kobolds' attention while the rest of the children fled.

When the Knight ran to rescue Max, he found the boy unconscious, and the kobolds were beginning to eat Max alive. He dispatched the beasts, and got the boy to a surgeon in time to save his life. Max recovered from his ordeal, and by great good fortune, none of his terrible scars are visible when he is fully dressed. He has been in the R&C for 3 years now, the last year being in Gunter's service. He is 18 years old.

Brawn: 3
Finesse: 2
Wits: 2
Resolve: 3
Panache: 2
Eisen R/W

Fencing: 5
Panzerhand: 5
Urchin: 5
Servant: 3
Athlete: 4
Repartee: 4
Tradesman(Tailor) 3

Von Blaustein School: 4

0 XP unspent, 0 Prestige Points unspent
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