The following Advantages are available for purchase. Certain Advantages have a discounted cost when purchased by characters with a particular nationality.

Advantages marked (C) are available only at character creation. Other advantages may be purchased with XP during play at a cost of three times the CP cost.

Able Drinker: As PG p. 130.

Alchemist: As IC p.82.

Appearance: Adds +1/+2/+3k0 to all Social Damage Rolls.

Bearsark: Immunity to Fear. You may spend a Drama Die to go berserk in a battle. This gives the following effects:

Bought Weapon: You may purchase a Sidhe Weapon, Castillian Blade, or Twisted Blade, for the normal cost of the weapon, plus 2 CP.

Castillian Blade: As Castille p.102.

Castillian Education: This grants the Scholar Skill for free, Thean(R/W) for free, and 6 CP of Specialties (in any combination of 1-point Specialties or 3-point Specialties) in any of the character's Civil Skills.

Citation: This is some official recognition for a famous deed that the character performed. Each purchase of Citation grants +10 to the character's Good Reputation.

Connections: Every CP spent on Connections purchases 6 Connection Points. Individual XP may be spent to purchase 2 Connection Points apiece. These connections may be purchased in advance (as part of character history) or purchased after an adventure (to represent a developed friendship with an encountered NPC). If a character has an available pool of unspent Connection Points, he may also attempt to find an acquaintance that he "already knows" to fit a particular need. The GM may either let the search automatically succeed, or he might assign a particular Knack and Target Number to find such a person. If the attempt succeeds, the character finds the acquaintance and marks the "new" connection on his character sheet.

Commission: As PG p.132.

Dangerous Beauty: FR to seduction attempts. +1k0 to Social Damage for seduction attempts.

Dietrich Sword: This sword gets +2 to all Damage Rolls, and +5 for all attempts to damage it.

Dracheneisen: Each point of dracheneisen purchased is a point on the Dracheneisen table. Any dracheneisen permanently acquired during the course of play should be eventually paid for, as dictated by the GM. Dracheneisen weapons get +1k0 to damage, and add +1 to the effective Rank of any Skill or Knack when using the weapon. Dracheneisen armor reduces the Flesh Wounds suffered from each separate physical attack by a number of points equal to 3 + (total Armor Points / 2). Characters attempting to bypass the armor need to take a certain number of Raises, according to the following chart: Impossible
Armor PointsRaises Needed

Faith: This is Faith in one of the various religions of Theah. The effects are up to the GM to determine, and he doesn't have to tell you what they are.

Fate Deck: This represents a Fate Deck which has been threaded for one or more Spreads. See the Sorte rules for effects. Each threading costs 2 CP.

Indomitable Will: Adds one Kept Die to all Social Wound Checks.

Inheritance: As PG p.134.

Keen Senses: Adds one Kept Die to all Perception rolls, or other skill rolls particularly involving one of your senses.

Language: The Linguist Knack is now considered "free". The listed cost for a language is now the cost to both speak and read it. To only speak the language, reduce the cost by 1 CP (3 XP).

Large: Adds one Unkept Die to physical Damage Rolls.

Left-Handed: You get +3 to Attack Rolls made with a weapon in your left hand. Your right hand is considered your off hand.

Legendary Trait: The Trait that you pick is immediately increased by +1 (that's why this Advantage costs so much!), and the maximum you may raise the trait to is also increased by +1.

MacEachern Heritage As Avalon, p.91.

MacEachern Weapon As Avalon, p. 91.

Man of Will: As Eisen, p.96, except that you are not immune to Repartee. Instead you have +10 to your Social Defense.

Membership: As PG p. 136. Additionally, the following Memberships are defined in the various sourcebooks:

Miracle Worker: As Castille, p.104.

Nacht: As DK, p.71.

Nibelung: As Eisen, p.98.

Nightblade: As DK, p.72.

Noble: As PG p. 137.

Ordained: As PG p. 137. This no longer gives the Scholar skill for free. Instead, the Scholar Skill is now a prerequisite in order to purchase Ordained.

Poison Immunity: As Vodacce, p. 98.

Powerful Spirit Skin: The character has a spirit skin of an exceptional member of its species. This may grant an extra boon, improve an existing boon, or reduce a penalty associated with the skin. Each separate improvement costs 3 CP, and increases the Dukh Rank of the Spirit Skin by 1.

R&C Secret: As R&C, p.67.

R&C Vow: As R&C, p. 67.

Rune Relic: This is some spiritually significant item with respect to one of the Living Runes. This item gives its owner +1 to his Besvärjelse Rank when working with the appropriate Rune.

Rune Stones: These stones give a Free Raise to Spådom rolls made with them.

Scoundrel: This is some official recognition for a heinous deed that the character performed. Each purchase of Scoundrel grants +10 to the character's Evil Reputation.

Scarovese: See Reputation for the effects of this advantage. The 1-point version increases the Net Reputation threshold to -45, and the 3-point version increases the Net Reputation threshold to -60.

Servants: The character has a number of servants, who can vary from simple Brute fetchers and carriers all the way up to fully-fledged Hero-level characters. The following options are available as Servants, along with any others that the GM allows:

Sidhe Weapon: Cost as Avalon p.94. All such weapons have +1k0 to their damage in Avalon. Once per Round, you may reduce the cost of promoting either a Finesse or a Wits Action by 1 Phase, for any Action involving the weapon. Other perks are as per Avalon p.94.

Small: You get one FR to Stealth. You have a -1 penalty to your Physical Damage Rolls.

Sorcery: See the Sorcery rules for details.

Specialty Knack: You have particular training in some field within one of your Skills. This may not be applied to Sorcery Knacks or Swordsman Knacks. For instance a character might have a specialty in Law, above and beyond the general knowledge of Law granted by his Scholar Skill. The cost is 1 CP for +1 in the Knack, or 3 CP for +2 in the Knack. This Advantage may be purchased (or improved) multiple times for different Specialties.

Sympathetic Healer: By touching someone and spending a Drama Die and a Wits Action, you may take another person's physical wounds onto yourself. You choose exactly which Flesh Wounds, Dramatic Wounds, poisons, or other ailments that you will assume. You also gain greatly improved recuperative powers. You may take Social Dramatic Wounds (which remain until you get a full night of rest) to heal an equivalent number of Physical Dramatic Wounds. You also may attempt to transfer a wound, poison, or ailment to another person, by making a successful unarmed attack on that person and spending a Drama Die.

Tenure: As IC, p.85.

Toughness: Adds one Kept Die to Physical Wound Checks.

Twisted Blade: as Vodacce, p.99.

Unbound: as Vodacce, p.99.